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Our Actions

Teacher and student on a lesson.


Our focus is both restorative and educational across three primary areas of activity: Readiness, Response, and Recovery. As a non-profit, our foundation works with communities, schools, and individuals to help with preparation for crisis needs and to provide informal support that can aid those overwhelmed by traumatic loss. We promote education and public awareness of the critical recovery needs of those facing the aftermath of life-threatening or life- changing circumstances.

Throughout all aspects of Foundation activity, we foster recognition that strong and healthy avenues of mutual support significantly add to the quality of life, whether tragedy occurs or not.



    We support a wide range of services, such as:

  • Assisting school districts, and communities in addressing recovery needs as part of their crisis management plans
  • Offering education to teachers and school staff on classroom strategies to assist children who have been through a traumatic event.
  • Promoting understanding of trauma‚Äôs effects by speaking with schools, communities, and others
  • Reducing the stigma associated with needing mental health support in schools.
  • Developing a web-based clearinghouse of resources available free or at minimal charge
  • Developing and distributing informational materials
  • Providing small group socials, social networking, and other events for survivors and families
  • Aiding research into effective strategies for facilitating resilience-building and recovery
  • Presenting at national and international conferences
  • Providing a website for individuals to get the practical information on how to live in the aftermath