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Effects of Trauma

p_gall_img4What is Trauma?


Trauma is the consequence of any event or experience that is perceived as life threatening or life-changing. It is not defined by scope or intensity, but is a universal factor of human experience. There is no hierarchy of pain, and any situation that is interpreted as posing significant risk of loss or threat can produce traumatic stress.

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What are the consequences of experiencing traumatic situations?


Trauma takes a toll on quality of life, on relationships, and on personal development. For students it bears consequence on their ability to learn. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN, 2008) reports that one in four school children in the U.S. has experienced a traumatic event that can have a profound effect on behavior and learning.

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Responses to Trauma:

Anxiety & Hyper-vigilance
Anger, Irritability
Oppositional Behavior
Sense of Hopelessness
Disruption of Home Life
Difficulty Sleeping

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