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Dave Posey

Dave PoseyDave’s son was one of the 1st graders to escape while the gunman was in his classroom. His son chose to run while he was reloading his gun and ran a 1/3 of a mile to the firehouse to safety. He witnessed the death of his teacher Miss Soto and some of his classmates. His 4th grade daughter was across the hall locked in a small office during the shooting. His other two kids were in 5th grade at a different school on lockdown for the full day knowing about the events unfolding at Sandy Hook school. The events of Dec 14th 2012 forever changed my family and I. I know that more had to be done to help those who have been involved in traumatic events.

Dave brings to the Foundation knowledge and skills from prior work in non-profit and corporate operations, an extensive network of professionals supporting the design and operation of the Foundation, and deep, personal commitment to helping others toward recovery after crisis.

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