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Behaviors Associated with Traumatic Events

Effects in School:


  • impaired concentration
  • impaired ability in problem-solving
  • problems with short- and long-term memory
  • withdrawal from prior relationships and routines
  • decreased reading ability
  • difficulty communicating
  • increased emotional upset
  • lower grade point averages
  • increased number of school absences
  • increased drop-out rate
  • increased number of suspensions and expulsions

See: National Child Traumatic Stress Network

What is Trauma?


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Trauma is the consequence of any event or experience that is perceived as life threatening or life-changing. It is not defined by scope or intensity, but is a universal factor of human experience. There is no hierarchy of pain, and any situation that is interpreted as posing significant risk of loss or threat can produce traumatic stress.

See: Trauma’s Effect on the Brain: An Overview for Educators 

In Mears, C. L., Reclaiming School in the Aftermath of Trauma: Advice Based on Experience. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012